Registered Teachers for the Cecchetti Society of Southern Africa, impart the Art of the Dance with dedication and the knowledge of anatomy and music, instilling poise, confidence, musicality and enjoyment of movement in their pupils. Above all, they build self-esteem, self-discipline and a respect for the Art in young dancers, who take these attributes with them through life.

A respected Examination system evaluates standards and awards internationally recognised qualifications to both Dancers and Teachers of the Cecchetti Method.

Experienced Teachers, holding Fellowship Status, are trained as Examiners and maintain standards of excellence in Training and Performance. South African Examiners work internationally and are recognised abroad.

Examinations embrace three streams and cater for today’s modern child studying recreational dance, vocational training for the professional aspiring to the stage as a career and registered international qualifications for Teachers of the future.

Examinations: Levels

Test I – Test V

Grade I – Grade V

Intermediate Foundation
Advanced I (Dancer or Special Arrangements)
Advanced II (Dancer or Special Arrangements)

Associate, Associate Diploma Anatomy Paper, Associate Diploma,
Licentiate Assessment, Licentiate Anatomy Paper, Licentiate,
Fellowship Assessment, Fellowship, Fellowship Essay

Information regarding entry requirements is available from the General Secretary at Head Office.

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Study Material


The complete Enrico Cecchetti Diploma on DVD and Blu-ray (Box set) for the first time, demonstrated by some of today’s leading dancers.

Maestro Cav. Enrico Cecchetti (1850–1928) devised his method of training based on sound theoretical and anatomical principles. The Cecchetti Method hinges on a programme set over six days of the week, highlighting the rigorous demands and versatility required to be a professional dancer. Precision and speed of footwork, development of terre-à-terre and batterie technique are key aspects of this virtuoso training method.

The Enrico Cecchetti Diploma is the culmination of the study of the Cecchetti Method. It is designed for professional dancers and there is no equivalent in any other system of training. The Diploma has never before been filmed in its entirety as a heritage, educational project.

In this film, the dancers are instructed via discussion on background and various versions of the exercises, and perform all the studies which today make up the Diploma syllabus.

Dancers:  The Royal Ballet – James Hay, Chisato Katsura, Romany Pajdak
Birmingham Royal Ballet – Ruth Brill, Laura Day, Brandon Lawrence, Lachlan Monaghan
Dancers appear by kind permission of Kevin O’Hare CBE, Director of the Royal Ballet and David Bintley CBE, Director of Birmingham Royal Ballet
Artistic Director and Master Teacher: Diane van Schoor
Introduction:Dame Darcey Bussell DBE
Produced and directed: Ross MacGibbon
Copyright:  2018, The Cecchetti Society Trust (as on box set)
Distributed by:  Naxos Rights (Europe) Limited
Re-product:  It is a – Dual format release: DVD + Blu-Ray
Translation:  Italian and Japanese

Extra Features: Diane van Schoor in conversation with dancers; Directors David Bintley CBE and Kevin O’Hare CBE in discussion

Publications embracing the theory and practice of the Cecchetti Method:

The Manual – The Theory and Practice of Classical Theatrical Dancing by Cyril W. Beaumont and Stanislas Idzikowski (Revised edition 1977)

The Theory and Practice of Allegro in Classical Ballet (Cecchetti Method) by Margaret Craske and Cyril W. Beaumont

The Theory and Practice of Advanced Allegro in Classical Ballet (Cecchetti Method) by Margaret Craske and Derra de Morroda (Revised edition 1979)

A French-English Dictionary of Technical Dance Terms compiled by Cyril W. Beaumont

Ryman’s Dictionary of Classical Ballet Terminology (Cecchetti) by Rhonda Ryman

Also available at Head Office

Various syllabi, cd’s, sheet music, technical notes, dvd’s and other miscellaneous items are available at Headquarters.

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