Cecchetti International Classical Ballet.

Cecchetti International Classical Ballet (CICB) is a legal non-profit entity, incorporated in Canada on 2 July 2004.

Mission Statement

  • Foster the development of the Method.
  • Develop training for the future.
  • Keep alive the essence of the Method’s historical tradition.
  • Raise the profile of the Method world-wide.
  • Encourage the profession and the art of dance by the interaction between members and the international dance profession.
  • Enhance the status of dance in the context of the arts and education

Corporate Members

Cecchetti Ballet Australia inc.
Cecchetti Canada
Cecchetti Council of America
Cecchetti Society Classical Ballet Faculty ISTD
Cecchetti Society of Southern Africa
Cecchetti USA
Danzare Cecchetti – ANCEC Italia

A member in good standing with one of the seven entities above is considered a represented member of CICB.

Cecchetti International Ballet Competition

The Cecchetti Society of Southern Africa is a Founding Corporate member of Cecchetti International Classical Ballet (CICB) and is committed to upholding CICB’s mission statement of improving the professional profile of Cecchetti and the Cecchetti method of training.

Cecchetti International Classical Ballet Competition 2024

The Cecchetti International Classical Ballet (CICB) Competition is held every three years in various countries around the world. On July 21-27, 2024, the competition will be hosted by the Cecchetti Council of America in beautiful Holland, Michigan, USA.
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Alexandra Potgieter, student of Lynne Fouché
Finalist in the Canadian Competition, July 2008


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L-R Hannah Ward, Mikayla Isaacs, Kirsten Johnson, Kathleen Videira, Katherine Anderson
(Photo Anthony Hawkesworth)

Kathleen Videira

CICB 2014 – Contemporary Medalist 
Two years have passed since I represented SA at the Cecchetti International Ballet Competition in Richmond, Virginia, USA and, although unpredictable, what an incredible journey it has been.

Shortly after returning home to South Africa from America, where I had been most privileged to receive a scholarship from Ballet West in Utah in addition to the scholarship I received at the USAIBC from Royal Winnipeg Ballet School in Canada, I received the amazing news that every young aspiring dancer dreams of and it changed my life completely.

The Director of Tivoli Ballet Theatre in Denmark, Peter Bo Bendixen, by invitation of Angela Malan our repertoire mentor at the time, came to observe a repertoire class at my vocational dance school, Art of Motion, to assist a peer, Leroy Mokgatle, with his variation for Youth American Grand Prix New York Finals. The next day I was generously offered a contract to go and dance with his professional company in Copenhagen for their winter season’s production of ‘The Nutcracker’.

The 8000 hours of intensive training over five years, matriculating at the age of 16 with university exemption, consistent discipline and endless sacrifice demanded by Directors and mentors, Sayward and Angelique Harris, had paid off!

Ms Heidi Wright’s belief in my ability to complete the Maestro Enrico Cecchetti Final Diploma with Merit through CUSA at the time of the CICB was a major contributing factor to the many opportunities I had received and also my achievement as a finalist at the prestigious RAD Genée IBC in Scotland shortly after.

As my first contract with a professional ballet company, I felt most fortunate to be entrusted with the role of Clara by Director, Peter Bo Bendixen and was privileged to meet the Queen of Denmark as Her Majesty did the scenography and designed the costumes for the production. I was living in one of the most orderly countries in the world and was gaining invaluable knowledge and experience. At 17 years of age, this was more than I had ever dreamt possible and felt inspired and motivated to become better because of the people surrounding me.

After that initial contract, I’ve been most fortunate to receive renewals for every season since, working with countless inspiring teachers, choreographers, and directors developing me both as an artist and a person.

One of the Directors I worked within 2015 was Tim Rushton, Director of the contemporary company, Danish Dance Theatre. He generously allowed me to join and learn from his company for four months between my seasons with Tivoli Ballet Theatre enabling me to expand my knowledge in the professional contemporary field. Working with such focused dancers and instructors was a most educational experience and assisted my quest for developing the contemporary skills required by Ballet BC after being shortlisted with three other girls at an audition in New York.

I have just completed my third contract with Tivoli Ballet Theatre and am looking forward to being a part of the next season, pushing myself to improve every day, appreciating the constructive criticism from my fellow dancers and to be the best that I can possibly be, learning as much as I can so that someday I can pay forward my knowledge and experience to the many other young aspiring dancers.

Submitted by Kathleen Videira Photographs by Dai of D.J. Art Photo

Kirsten Johnson

CIBC 2014
Musicality Award recipient

At the Cecchetti International Ballet competition in Virginia USA, I was the humble recipient of the Musicality Award and scholarships to join Texas Ballet Theatres’Professional Division 2014/2015season and the Victorian College of the Arts Australia in addition to a scholarship I had received at the Youth American Grand Prix Finals in NewYork from the New Zealand School of Dance earlier in the year.

Having completed my Cambridge secondary certificate with university exemption, final dance obligations in South Africa for the year and having graduated from Art of MotionVocational dance program, I relocated with much excitement to Fort Worth Texas, USA.

My experience with Texas Ballet Theatre (TBT) has definitely been one of the most unbelievable and rewarding learning experiences of my life. I had the privilege of studying under the amazing Ben Stevenson OBE, a former ballet dancer with Britain’s RoyalBallet, English National Ballet and current Artistic Director of Texas Ballet Theatre. Throughout the season I also received classes with Janie Parker, Li Cunxin, Lauren Anderson, Kathy Li Warakomsky and Charmaine Hunter-the list of distinguished artists goes on.

Once the summer of 2015 had come to an end, I was offered a further merit scholarship to continue with the Professional Division for their 2015/2016 season, and it was with great pleasure that I accepted this invitation.

As the season progressed, so did my knowledge of choreography, technique and artistic presentation. Whilst with Texas Ballet Theatre, I was given the opportunity to dance various roles including the soloist in Classical Theme B by Jiyan Dai, soloist in Lacrimosa by vincent Hardy, corps and soloist in Ben Stevenson’s paste Fiance, corps in For EverSeason By Vincent Hardy, and corps in Ben Stevenson’s The Nutcracker, Cinderella and hanky Panky.

Sadly I had to say goodbye to all of my friends and the amazing artistic staff at TBT after suffering an injury earlier this year.I am recovering well and looking forward to a new adventure in 2017 where I will be an undergraduate at the University of Cape Town, studying a Bachelor of Music degree, majoring in dance.

I believe it is important to travel and learn from all those who are willing to share their mastery, and I feel that this journey has expanded my knowledge immensely.

I will forever be grateful for the opportunities that evolved from my participation in the Cecchetti International Ballet Competition.

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Chanté Daniels


Scholarships for the Senior Summer School 2018 (tuition, room and board)

•1 scholarship for the 2018 Summer School Course A (15-19yrs)

Phillipa McCann

1 full school year scholarship for 2018/19

1 two week scholarship for July 2018

Scholarship for the 2018 YAGP Semi-finals

Gabriel Ravenscroft

1 Special full year scholarship for the Senior Program of KS Dance

Scholarship for male competitors for the 2018 x 5 week Summer Intensive

Chanté Daniels

Chanté Daniels (16) will be in Grade 11 in 2016 at Rhenish Girls High School in Stellenbosch. She has been trained by Ethne Daniels and Marcelle le Riche at the Stellenbosch Ballet Association. Her coaches for the past two years have been Ms Denise Schultze and Mr Louis Godfrey (until his death). Her Contemporary coach is Adele Blank. She was a finalist in the scholar section of the Cape Town International Ballet Competition as well as the first recipient of the Mignon Furman Scholarship to attend the American Academy of Ballet Summer School in New York State in 2013.

Chanté is a keen musician having passed Gr 7 violin and Gr 6 piano and Gr 5 recorder with distinction. She has been invited back to America to the AAB Summer School in 2016 and will be working towards qualifying to enter the Prix de Lausanne competition in 2017. She has performed with Cape Town City Ballet Company in The Tin Soldier (2013), Thumbelina (2015) and The Nutcracker (2015). She was also a member of Cape Junior Ballet Company (2013 – 2014).




During the July holidays, Janneke van Zyl, Chanté Daniels and Nicole Benting set off for the Big Apple to be part of the American Academy of Ballet Summer School of Excellence at Purchase College, New York. They were three of 300 dancers and young teachers attending a six-week programme with intervals of one, two, three or five weeks. Our sincere thanks to Mr Simon Kaplan, husband of the late Mignon Furman, and their son, Lawrence who, through their generosity, made it possible for these dancers to attend the Summer Programme.

What an awesome and cosmopolitan experience to be taught by, among others, Gilbert Mayer and Gill Isoart (Paris Opera), Kevin Durwael (Royal Ballet School of Antwerp in Belgium), Craig Salstein, Palomo Herrera and Flavio Salazar from American Ballet Theatre, and Vladimir Stadnik, who was trained at the Vaganova school in Russia. Other genres taught were Spanish, Neo Classical, Jazz, Folk Dancing and the Performance Award. The highlight was the performances that concluded each programme, which took place in the beautiful theatre on campus at Purchase College, the same one where the movie, Black Swan, was filmed.

Chante Daniels
7 Gabriel Ravenscroft and Chante Daniels, Cape Town representatives at the CICB competition. Photo by Johan Jooste

Phillipa McCann at the English National Ballet School

Pippa writes…

What a privilege it has been to complete my first term as a student at the English National Ballet School. It has been a dream come true and I cannot be more grateful to my parents and teachers who helped me achieve what I thought was out of reach for a dancer from South Africa. It was such an exciting term. Three months seemed to race by so quickly. Although I often missed home, I was easily distracted by the long hours in the studio, as well as the incredible opportunities I was given. From watching company rehearsal, competing in a competition, dancing in the end of term showcase and even wearing the English National Ballet Lilac Fairy tutu at the magnificent Dorchester Hotels High Tea. I have learnt so much and I look forward to an exciting term ahead. 

English National Ballet School has a warm and supportive environment. All the teachers are so inspiring and I have made many wonderful friends. It is incredible to be in a space where everyone is as equally passionate about dancing as I am. Some days I can spend up to ten hours at school in classes which include ballet, pointe work, pas de deux and repertoire, variations, contemporary and choreography, as well as subjects such as Benesh Notation, Anatomy and Dance through Time. I then go home to make dinner and prepare lunch for the next day. It can be exhausting and often I wish my family lived closer.  However it is the sacrifice I am prepared to make in order to pursue my dream. 

I am fortunate to live in a city brimming with opportunities.  It is so easy to feel inspired, from the beautiful music played by the pianists in each class to the lively streets of London. I wake up each morning eager to see what the day has in store for me.

Pippa McCann Cyril Beaumont Winner 2017

Pippa McCann 

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Pippa McCann (kneeling L front) recipient of the “Promising Young Dancer” award
Cecchetti Vocational Awards adjudicated by Ruth Brill and Alain Dubreuil

Gabriel Ravenscroft

One of Cecchetti South Africa’s alumni from Stellenbosch Ballet Association, Gabriel Ravenscroft, has been enjoying a full scholarship at KS Dance in Warrington, England since January this year.

Gabriel has the privilege of six months’ full-time dance performance tuition at KS Dance under the tutelage of Kate Simmons and her cohort of classical, pas de deux, contemporary, Spanish and jazz instructors. He has been enjoying dancing with a group of talented young male dancers, working on his classical and contemporary technique, and gaining instruction in Spanish and jazz dance for the first time.

A highlight of the year at KS Dance is their performance term during which the senior dancers spend three weeks touring as Allegrodance to local venues including schools and theatres. Gabriel enjoyed being part of the corps in contemporary and jazz pieces as well as dancing Peter in Peter and the Wolf for the classical section.

KS Dance’s annual production then follows the Allegrodance tour at The Brindley Theatre in Runcorn for three nights. This year’s production began with a showcase of contemporary, jazz, Spanish, hip-hop, tap and musical theatre followed by class variations of their junior classical work. The headline event of the evening that followed was a condensed version of Romeo and Juliet. Gabriel had the immense pleasure of being first-cast Romeo for two of the shows and to dance Benvolio for the third. The review of the show, from Danceniche online magazine, had the following to say:

The quality and technique displayed by all of the dancers were phenomenal, but obviously, the clandestine lovers stole the show. Not only was their jaw-dropping height in the extensions, dizzying pirouettes and gravity-defying leaps but the level of maturity and acting displayed was captivating. For young students to be able to convey such levels of angst, passion and emotion, all the while executing difficult and intricate ballet steps, is a credit not only to them but also to their teachers. (

Gabriel is grateful to have been afforded such wonderful performance opportunities and is currently working on his showreel and undertaking auditions in the UK and Europe during his last term at KS Dance.

Submitted by Ethne Daniels

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Chloe Howorth and Gabriel Ravenscroft in Romeo and Juliet (photo by Elaine Mayson)

8 Advanced 2 dancer and CTCB company member Jordan Roelfze, with Advanced 2 winner Gabriel Ravenscroft. Photo by Johan Jooste
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