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Cecchetti Society teachers have produced several fine dancers, many of whom have performed internationally, notably with the Royal Ballet, London. Its teachers travel the world propagating the Maestro's work.

Generations of teachers, dancers and choreographers such as Audrey Grose, Pearl Adler, Agnes Bergen, Nancy Hooper, Maud Lloyd, Dulcie Howes, Dorothea MacNair, Eileen Keegan, Madge Mann, Faith de Villiers, David Poole, John Cranko, Pamela Chrimes, Mary-Jane Duckworth, Richard Glasstone, Johaar Mosarval, Cecily Robinson, Dudley Tomlinson, Nadia Nerina, Veronica Paeper, Frank Staff, Vyvyan Lorrayne and many others have created a high professional profile richly contributing to the history of British ballet and the development of classical ballet world-wide and particularly in South Africa.

There are 11 regional branches including the three main centres of Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, the others being: Pretoria, East Rand, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Free State, North West Province, Namibia and Zimbabwe. There are qualified Cecchetti teachers in all these branches as well as in most towns in South Africa.

Teachers registered with the Cecchetti Society have undergone rigorous training and have been examined by highly qualified registered examiners. These qualifications are recognised and accepted internationally and practising Cecchetti teachers are to be found in even the most remote parts of the world.

To find out the name of the branch secretary in your area please contact the Cecchetti Society for more information:
Tel/Fax (27) 011 782 0677